The Science Behind Getting A Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is much different than a normal massage. The massage therapist will work on the underlying muscles. This is unlike a regular massage, such as a Swedish massage. When you have a regular massage, the masseuse is only dealing with the superficial muscles. They are unable to correct muscle adhesions and fascia tightness.


The deep muscles, the ones that are located underneath the top layer of muscles, are the ones that cause most chronic pain. People with back problems, neck problems, and other painful muscle ailments are in need of deep tissue massage.

You will often hear people refer to muscle knots. Sometimes they will use the phrase muscle adhesions. What they are referring to are muscle fibers. These muscle fibers have become stuck together. They get tight and then your movement is restricted. It causes the muscle to become rigid.

In order for these knots to be broken up, the masseuse needs a strong massage table, one that can take the pressure of a deep tissue massage. to massage the secondary muscles. They apply slow and strong pressure. The actual movement is very similar to Swedish massage. The only difference is that the pressure is much stronger and there is a more intense focus on the tight adhesions.

With regular massage, the main benefits are the increase in lymphatic activity and a reduction in cortisol. Unlike a deep tissues massage, a regular massage is incapable of correcting chronic muscle problems.

Deep tissues massage is very popular with athletes and other individuals who have physically stressful jobs. They need to have their muscles worked on in a very intense manner. This is why professional sports teams have massage therapists on staff. The players will get massages frequently in order to prevent any serious injury.

Individuals who have desk jobs might also benefit from this intensive massage. When you sit at a desk for a prolonged period of time your muscles get tight. If you have improper posture this can exacerbate the situation. There are some people who even need to have the fascia, which is the web like material that encloses the muscle, worked on. The fascia can become tight and prevent the muscle from moving properly.

All of this deep tissue work is going to be slightly uncomfortable. A regular massage will feel good. A deep tissue massage will involve discomfort. This is because the knots need to be broken up using force. Many people feel sore after a deep tissue massage. It is very common to have to rest afterwards. The benefit to this type of massage is that it can remove painful muscle tensions.

If you are planning on getting a deep tissue massage, it would be wise to make sure the massage center specializes in this type of treatment. It is very common nowadays, so it should not be difficult to find one. However, some spas only offer Swedish massage or other forms of relaxing massage. What you are going for is a therapeutic massage. It is also a good idea to mention up front what areas you are having discomfort with. It can take a long time to work out the knots and muscle adhesions. This way the massage therapist knows exactly where to begin.