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The Science Behind Getting A Deep Tissue Massage

by Raul Buman

A deep tissue massage is much different than a normal massage. The massage therapist will work on the underlying muscles. This is unlike a regular massage, such as a Swedish massage. When you have a regular massage, the masseuse is only dealing with the superficial muscles. They are unable to correct muscle adhesions and fascia tightness.


The deep muscles, the ones that are located underneath the top layer of muscles, are the ones that cause most chronic pain. People with back problems, neck problems, and other painful muscle ailments are in need of deep tissue massage.

You will often hear people refer to muscle knots. Sometimes they will use the phrase muscle adhesions. What they are referring to are muscle fibers. These muscle fibers have become stuck together. They get tight and then your movement is restricted. It causes the muscle to become rigid.

In order for these knots to be broken up, the masseuse needs a strong massage table, one that can take the pressure of a deep tissue massage. to massage the secondary muscles. They apply slow and strong pressure. The actual movement is very similar to Swedish massage. The only difference is that the pressure is much stronger and there is a more intense focus on the tight adhesions.

With regular massage, the main benefits are the increase in lymphatic activity and a reduction in cortisol. Unlike a deep tissues massage, a regular massage is incapable of correcting chronic muscle problems.

Deep tissues massage is very popular with athletes and other individuals who have physically stressful jobs. They need to have their muscles worked on in a very intense manner. This is why professional sports teams have massage therapists on staff. The players will get massages frequently in order to prevent any serious injury.

Individuals who have desk jobs might also benefit from this intensive massage. When you sit at a desk for a prolonged period of time your muscles get tight. If you have improper posture this can exacerbate the situation. There are some people who even need to have the fascia, which is the web like material that encloses the muscle, worked on. The fascia can become tight and prevent the muscle from moving properly.

All of this deep tissue work is going to be slightly uncomfortable. A regular massage will feel good. A deep tissue massage will involve discomfort. This is because the knots need to be broken up using force. Many people feel sore after a deep tissue massage. It is very common to have to rest afterwards. The benefit to this type of massage is that it can remove painful muscle tensions.

If you are planning on getting a deep tissue massage, it would be wise to make sure the massage center specializes in this type of treatment. It is very common nowadays, so it should not be difficult to find one. However, some spas only offer Swedish massage or other forms of relaxing massage. What you are going for is a therapeutic massage. It is also a good idea to mention up front what areas you are having discomfort with. It can take a long time to work out the knots and muscle adhesions. This way the massage therapist knows exactly where to begin.

Looking Beyond the Textbook: Science in Everyday Life

by Raul Buman

Too many people think of science as this boring subject that they once had to take in school. Perhaps they did well, or perhaps they did poorly, but all that accompanies the idea of science and the study of the world is a sense of irritation and passivity. The truth is that science extends far beyond the textbook and the classroom, and it is worth looking at the science of the world around you!


Do you have a dog? If so, you are looking at the direct descendent of the first wolves that came out of the dark and formed tentative alliances with humans. Each dog, from spoiled Dalmatian to happy Pitbull to tiny Chihuahua at some point in its ancestry had a wolf that was a little drawn to humans, a little interested in being fed, and played with, and loved.


Every day, we hear words like oil-shortage and rising gas prices, but where do oil and its byproduct gasoline come from? Oil is something that scientists believe came from long dead organisms, the remains of which have been compressed, compacted and heated over a long period of time. Over hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years, oil is created mostly from small plants and tiny marine animals.


When people say that something is dull, they compare it to watching paint dry. As a matter of fact, the mechanism by which paint is deposited on a wall is surprisingly fascinating! Paint is a mixture of water, fixative and pigment. The water makes the paint fluid, the pigment gives paint its color, and the fixative holds it to the wall. The paint is applied, and as time goes on, the water leaches back into the air, leaving behind only the pigment and the fixative.

Ice Cream

If you have ever wanted to look and see the intersection of many different branches of science, look no further than ice cream! Ice cream is derived from milk, something that we would never have if we had not domesticated cattle tens of thousands of years ago. The science of converting milk to ice cream involves the creation of an emulsion, that is, the combination of two ingredients that would otherwise separate, but when a third agent is added, will instead blend. On top of that, ice cream also represents the technology that went into creating refrigeration, something that was seen as something of a miracle just 100 years ago.

Star Gazing

There’s a general idea that when you are looking at stars, you are looking at the shed light from hundreds or thousands of years ago. The truth is that while there are many stars that are quite old or even dead, there are stars that are only a few light years away, where a light year is the distance light travels in a year. Sometimes, the light that you are looking at is only between four and ten years old. That’s still quite a distance, but understanding this can make the universe seem just a little smaller in general.

Whether you are looking to reawaken an interest in the natural world, or you are thinking about helping a child discover his or her true passion, wake up and pay attention to the science that exists in the air you breathe!

The Science Behind Healthy Trim and Other Diet Supplements

by Raul Buman

Many people turn to diet supplements such as Healthy Trim when they are unable to lose weight with diet and exercise. There have been over one million Healthy Trim bottles sold. The reason that this supplement is so effective is because it contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help promote weight loss. Below are scientific explanations for why Healthy Trim is so effective for promoting weight loss:

Burn Fat

You can burn a lot of fat while you are exercising, but in order to get the best results, you will need to increase the amount of fat that you burn while you are at rest. Green tea extract is one of the key ingredients in Healthy Trim. Researchers have found that the polyphenols inside of green tea extract can help promote fat oxidation. Fat oxidation is a term that is used to describe the way the body uses stored fat as an energy source.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that is found inside of Healthy Trim. It also helps promote fat burning. Scientists have found that Resveratrol can counteract the effects of a high-fat diet by helping the body use fat as an energy source.

Appetite Suppression

A big appetite can make it difficult for anyone to lose weight. One of the ways that Healthy Trim helps promote weight loss is by suppressing the appetite. This supplement contains an ingredient called Hoodia gordonii extract. Hoodia gordonii is a plant that is native to South Africa. People in Southern Africa have used this plant for several years to help treat problems, such as infections and indigestion.

In ancient times, South Africans would eat hoodia gordonii before taking a hunting trip to the Kalahari Desert to hunt. They found that eating this plant would help them suppress their appetite. Hoodia gordonni was patented in 1996.

Caralluma fimbriata extract is another ingredient inside of Healthy Trim that can help suppress appetite. It is native to India. A few centuries ago, Indians would eat this plant prior to going on a day’s hunt.

If your appetite decreases, then it will be a lot easier for you to reduce your calorie intake. You will not have to eat as much food to get full.

Increase Energy Level

Exercise is not only important for weight loss, but it also helps improve overall health. Many people do not exercise regularly because they do not have the energy to do so. Caralluma fimbriata has been shown to increase stamina. People who take Healthy Trim may be able to work out for a longer period of time, which will make it easier for them to reach their weight loss goals.

Healthy Trim has helped many people reach their weight loss goals. It is filled with natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work. Healthy Trim helps burn fat and suppress appetite. It can also help you increase your energy level, so you will be able to exercise for a longer period of time.

Lethargy and food cravings are two of the main barriers that keep people from reaching their weight loss goals. Healthy Trim helps people reach their weight loss goals by removing those barriers.

6 Most Influential Scientific Studies to Date

by Raul Buman

While it seems that anything that could possibly be discovered already has been discovered, science keeps proving that it is always changing as new discoveries are found every day. Recently, there have been six scientific studies, which have been quite influential and will impact the world a number of different ways.

Video Game Health Benefits
The first influential scientific breakthrough is that video games may actually be good for you. Video games have often been considered to be bad for kids and adults a number of different ways. However, recent studies have shown that they can develop problem solving skills, pattern recognition, and even teamwork. A recent study by the University of Rochester has also found that playing on a regular basis can actually improve your vision as well.

Easier Ways to be Vaccinated
The second influential scientific breakthrough is that there may be easier ways for someone to get vaccinated. Vaccines have always been very important tools that could be used to fight and prevent serious diseases. These have basically eradicated some serious illnesses, including polio and smallpox. While they are important, many people avoid them since they have to be taken through a needle. However, recent studies are finding that a vaccine may actually be able to be taken through a pill, which could make it much easier and allow people to take vaccines from home, as opposed to going to the doctor’s office.

Writing to Lose Weight
While there have been countless fat loss studies and theories over the past few decades, a new study may be showing that there is a very simple method that could greatly enhance your ability to lose unwanted body fat. A study completed by Weight Watchers has shown that people who write down what they eat every day have lost a considerable amount of weight compared to people that didn’t write it down. This is likely because it led to an increased feeling of accountability, which helped people prevent overeating.

Health Benefits in Candy
The third influential scientific study is a study that found that eating candy could actually have some health benefits. While candy is full of refined sugars and terrible for your teeth, there are many health benefits that come with it as well. One of the most significant recent health benefits found is that it could help to prevent cancer. A chemical component that is found in licorice has been linked to help prevent and even cure small cases of colorectal cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

Benefits of Caffeine
Recent studies have also concluded that caffeine can have some serious health benefits. While many are aware that it causes high blood pressure and anxiety, many are not aware that it is an antioxidant and can also help someone lose weight. As long as it is consumed and moderation and sugary soda is avoided, caffeine could actually be good for you.

Medicinal Marijuana
Another study that has influenced the world today is the group of studies that have found medicinal benefits in marijuana. This can include helping to reduce pain, helping with glaucoma, and helping those with anxiety to relax. These studies have led to the legalization of marijuana in many different states.

In conclusion, scientific studies are coming out every day that change the way that people view and act in the world. While there have been many studies that have come out in recent years, there are six studies in particular that have been quite influential.

Widely-accepted scientific theories which were once controversial

by Raul Buman

Science seeks to resolve questions regarding the natural world and universe by systematically testing and measuring observations. Scientific findings are said to be well-supported when the majority of known evidence corroborates them. Although scientific findings do not constitute philosophical truth claims, there are certain theories which carry with them extraordinarily large amounts of certainty. Even these “factual” theories, however, have been in the past met with much controversy when social progress has lagged behind scientific knowledge.

The Theory of Evolution

The theory of Evolution may be one of the most divisive, yet well-supported scientific theories in more contemporary times. One of the most famous instances in which this controversy reared its head was the Scopes Monkey Trial. This court case involved a school teacher being fined money for teaching evolution to the students in his class. Although the ruling was overturned on a technicality, the case is generally remembered as a reflection of the public controversy over Charles Darwin’s theory. Although immense amounts of evidence supports the theory today, such as knowledge of fossil record, genetics, and variation among species, evolution still remains a somewhat controversial topic in the United States.

Global Warming

More recently, the theory of global warming has been met with much political opposition. This opposition asserts that the notion that the current rising of the earth’s temperatures is largely a man-made phenomenon. Although the vast majority of scientists agree upon the nature and causes of global warming, the “controversy” over it has become a largely politicized one in contemporary times.

Heliocentric Theory

Controversy over scientific theory is hardly a new phenomenon. Even facts we take for granted today were once highly controversial when initially theorized by scientists. When Nicholas Copernicus boldly proclaimed that the earth revolves around the sun during the renaissance, his claims were met with much social resistance. Being that Copernicus’ claims were in conflict with those presented in the Bible, they were considered to be heretical at the time. Although his claims were eventually corroborated and expanded upon by Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, they were once an objects of great controversy.

The Big Bang

One particularly controversial theory is the Big Bang theory. This theory asserts that space, time and matter all came into existence simultaneously after originating from a single point. Creationists have argued that this theory is incomprehensible due to the idea that everything has a previous cause, and therefore, that something cannot come from nothing. The majority of theoretical physicists, however, have accepted the Big Bang as the prominent theory of the origin of existence, despite some questions as to how exactly it occurred. Being that time theoretically came into existence at the moment of this event, many scientists see no need to extrapolate a “cause” for the Big Bang.

Theory of Relativity

Although it was not widely accepted at the time of its conceptualization, Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is considered today to be one of the main pillars of modern Physics. The theory states that the way observers perceive amounts of objects is relative to their velocity at the time. This theory ultimately had major implications pertaining to the nature of space and time.